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Issue DateTitleOffice
14-Nov-2013Computational Studies of Two-dimensional Materials: From Graphene to Few-layer Graphene and BeyondIAS
29-Oct-2014Computer-aided Drug DesignIAS
18-Dec-2013Computer-aided Nanoscience Research: Nanoice, Superhydrophoticity, Gold Nanoclusters, and Boron and Carbon NanomaterialsIAS; DENG
18-May-2007Computers and Mathematics: Problems and ProspectsIAS; MATH; CSE
24-Oct-2014Computing Multiscale Stochastic PDEs Using Data-Driven Stochastic BasisIAS; MATH
28-Nov-2013Condensed Matter Physics: Nanoscience and SuperconductivityIAS
19-Jul-2013Conductance-based Refractory Density (CBRD) Approach and its Application to Biophysically Detailed Modeling of Cortical Neuronal PopulationsIAS
10-Jan-2007Conductivity, Superconductivity and the Quantum WorldIAS; PHYS
4-Jan-2010Conjugacy Classes in the Weyl Group and Unipotent Conjugacy ClassesIAS
31-May-2011Connections between Thermodynamics and Gravitational DynamicsIAS
1-Jun-2011Constructing a Wilsonian Cosmological Effective ActionIAS
30-Nov-2016Contracts: Theory and PracticeIAS; DBM
15-Apr-2011Control of Complex SystemsIAS; PROVOST; I2MS
29-Nov-2011Controlling Properties of Concrete through NanomodificationIAS
14-Nov-2013Copper-based Chalcogenide Compound Semiconductors : New Materials for PhotovoltaicsIAS
10-Mar-2016Corruption and Insider Trading: Evidence from Credit and Housing MarketsIAS
16-Jan-2012Cosmic Information: IT From BIT, from BITs in ITIAS
1-Jun-2011The Cosmic Microwave Sky: Beyond the Power SpectrumIAS
30-May-2011Cosmological Challenges – The View of a String TheoristIAS
1-Jun-2011Cosmological Inflation and the Standard ModelIAS