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Issue DateTitleOffice
27-May-2016Energy Transduction in Biomolecular MachinesIAS
17-Nov-2014Energy-energy Correlations: from QCD to N=4 SYM and backIAS
17-Jul-2014Engineering and Regenerative MedicineIAS; CBME
2-Jan-2014Engineering Nanocrystalline PhotocatalystsIAS
21-Nov-2014Enhanced Cancellations and Ultraviolet Finiteness in SupergravityIAS
16-Dec-2014Entrainment Transitions in PopulationsIAS
22-Nov-2013Entrepreneurship : Turning 'I wish' into 'I will'IAS
29-Oct-2007Entrepreneurship and IncentivesIAS; CED
22-Aug-2016Entwined Destinies: America and China and the History of the PresentIAS
6-Jan-2011Environmental, Health and Safety Studies of Nanoparticles in Support of Sustainable NanotechnologyIAS
29-Jan-2016Epigenetic Mechanisms of Stem Cell Aging and RejuvenationIAS
21-Mar-2011Equilibrium in the Labour Market with Search FrictionsIAS
25-Jul-2018Essential Concepts of Causal Inference: A Remarkable HistoryIAS
24-Nov-2014The Essential Role of Optical Properties in Understanding the Electronic Structure of SolidsIAS; PHYS
19-Dec-2013Estimation and Selection of Complex Effects in Pooled Nested Case-control Studies with HeterogeneityIAS
19-Dec-2013Estimation of the Error Autocorrelation Matrix in Semiparametric Models for fMRI DataIAS
1-Jun-2011Eternal Inflation and Its ImplicationsIAS
19-Dec-2013Evaluating Alteration in Regression Coefficients Directed by Low-effect VariablesIAS
9-Dec-2009Evolution in CancerIAS
10-Dec-2009Evolution in the Therapy of CancerIAS