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Issue DateTitleOffice
23-Apr-2013Understanding Explosions: From Catastrophic Accidents to the Creation of the UniverseIAS; PROVOST
29-Nov-2010Understanding Hearing Molecular Mechanisms: Advances Rooted in Hereditary DeafnessIAS
27-Nov-2013Unemployment and the European CrisisIAS
7-May-2015Unexpected and Separate Connections of tRNA Synthetases to HIV and to Novel AntibioticsIAS
19-May-2017Universal Laws and Architectures for Complex NetworksIAS
16-Dec-2014Universal Laws and Architectures: Why Biology Needs less Physics, more Math and Engineering, and much more BiologyIAS
2-May-2007University Research and Connection to BiotechnologyIAS
4-Dec-2014Unleashing InnovationIAS; FINA
3-Dec-2014Unmanned Air Vehicle and Its ApplicationsIAS; BME; MAE
5-Dec-2014Unprecedented Vision: From Quantum Dot to Silicon ImagersIAS
9-Jan-2015Urban Computing: Using Big Data to Solve Urban ChallengesIAS
17-Dec-2013Urban Traffic State Estimation Problems from Bluetooth DataIAS
12-Dec-2014Urbanization and Climate Change in Coastal MetropolisesIAS
28-Nov-2014Using Light to Do Things that Light is not Supposed to DoIAS
15-Apr-2013Using Stocks or Portfolios in Tests of Factor ModelsIAS; FINA
19-Oct-2011Vapor Phase Growth of Complex Semiconductor Alloys: New Semiconductors from an Unstable WorldIAS
9-Jul-2010Very Large Scale Simulations of the Off-equilibrium Dynamics of Spin Glasses (from 1 picoseconds to 0.1 seconds)IAS
14-Jul-2017Viruses: Nanobiotic Sculptors of the PlanetIAS
19-Jul-2013Visual Information: Propagation, Adaptation, Population CodingIAS
9-Feb-2017Visual Marketing: What to See and How to be SeenIAS