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Issue DateTitleOffice
7-Nov-2001Ninth CongregationOUDPA
22-Oct-2007No. 1 in the World for Kellogg-HKUST EMBAOUDPA
18-Mar-2010Nobel Laureate Eric Maskin Joins Institute for Advanced Study of HKUST Princeton IAS Professor Shares Insights on EconomicsOUDPA
21-Mar-2011Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences Prof Christopher Pissarides Speaks at HKUSTOUDPA
8-Apr-2005Nobel Laureate Lectures on Environmental IssuesOUDPA
6-Aug-2001Nobel Laureate Steven Chu Lectures at HKUSTOUDPA
13-Jun-2008Nobel Laureate Unveils Secrets of 'Plastic' Solar CellsOUDPA
23-Sep-2002Nobel Laureate, Eminent Scholars and Market Reformer Awarded Honorary DoctoratesOUDPA
7-Oct-2003Nobel Laureate, Eminent Scholars, Innovator and Entrepreneur to be Awarded Honorary Doctorates by HKUSTOUDPA
4-Dec-2007North Korea Team Receives HKUST TrainingOUDPA
31-Jul-2003Novel Devices to Control InfectionOUDPA
8-Oct-2003Novel ER Fluids to Make ClutchesOUDPA
27-Oct-2004Novel Waste Barrier Technology Wins International AwardOUDPA
1-Feb-2008NTT DoCoMo VP Shares Insights into Mobile Applications Beyond 3GOUDPA
1-Feb-2008NTT DoCoMo 副總裁預期流動通信將出現新景象OUDPA
17-Jul-2001Nurturing Excellence with Online CoursesOUDPA
8-Oct-2009The Obese and Diabetes Mutant Mice: An Historical PerspectiveOUDPA
3-Oct-2001One-World-Fountain Unveiled at HKUSTOUDPA
24-May-2006Origin of the Universe and Quantum Gravity - a Grass-Root ApproachIAS; OUDPA; PHYS
6-May-2010Oxford University Vice-Chancellor and HKUST President Explore Tertiary Education Development in UK and Hong KongOUDPA