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Issue DateTitleOffice
3-Mar-1998New Challenges for Communications Teaching in Science and EngineeringPAO
17-Apr-1997New Chemical Society Formed In Hong KongPAO
2-Apr-1996New Course Teaches Global Management SkillsPAO
11-Jul-1997New Courses On Offer at HKUST School of Humanities and Social SciencePAO
30-Jan-1996New Degree in Economics Enhances Career OpportunitiesPAO
31-Oct-1996New Degree in Information Systems ManagementPAO
5-Jun-1997New Degree Produces Engineers for the Information AgePAO
7-Sep-1995New Degree Programmes at HKUST Will Address Environmental ConcernsPAO
21-Oct-1997New Degree Trains Civil Engineers to Save the EnvironmentPAO
10-Nov-1994New Developments in Information Technology to be Discussed at HKUSTPAO
24-Jun-1997New Dual-Major Computer Science and Engineering Degree at HKUSTPAO
14-Nov-1995New Head of Infrastructure Development to Extend HKUST ReachPAO
10-Mar-1997New Head of Research and Development at HKUSTPAO
23-Oct-1996New Ideas for University Mathematics EducationPAO
20-Oct-1998New Industrial Consortium Looks to Advance Liquid Display TechnologyPAO
10-Feb-1997New Information Display Technologies on ShowPAO
18-Nov-1997New Information Source for Manufacturing IndustryPAO
16-Sep-1997New Materials on View at HKUSTPAO
19-Aug-1998New Multimedia Courseware Promotes IT EducationPAO
29-Oct-1997New Program at HKUST Trains Building Services EngineersPAO