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Issue DateTitleOffice
4-Dec-2014Unleashing InnovationIAS; FINA
3-Dec-2014Unmanned Air Vehicle and Its ApplicationsIAS; BME; MAE
14-Dec-2010Unmanned Helicopter Designed by HKUST Postgraduate Students Make Unprecedented Autonomous Flight across World's Deepest CanyonOUDPA
16-Jul-2008Unmanned Mini-Helicopter Helps in Sichuan Earthquake Recovery WorkOUDPA
12-Nov-1998Unprecedented Bleaching and Destruction of Coral Reefs ReportedPAO
5-Dec-2014Unprecedented Vision: From Quantum Dot to Silicon ImagersIAS
9-Jan-2015Urban Computing: Using Big Data to Solve Urban ChallengesIAS
17-Dec-2013Urban Traffic State Estimation Problems from Bluetooth DataIAS
12-Dec-2014Urbanization and Climate Change in Coastal MetropolisesIAS
19-Sep-1995US Navy Seeks Help from HKUST BiologistsPAO
26-May-1997US Safety Council Honors HKUSTPAO
28-Nov-2014Using Light to Do Things that Light is not Supposed to DoIAS
15-Apr-2013Using Stocks or Portfolios in Tests of Factor ModelsIAS; FINA
24-Mar-2016Using the Leap Motion Controller to Translate Sign Language to SpeechDST
15-Dec-2005UST Alumni Magazine , Winter 2005OUDPA
11-Feb-1999UST Applied Research Projects Win ITDC FundsOUDPA
10-Feb-1998UST Biologists Study Kwei Ling KoPAO
2-Apr-2004UST Business Students Win Joint University DebateOUDPA
6-Feb-1998UST Hosts Installation Art Exhibition for Chinese Artists from around the WorldPAO
15-Mar-2010UST Link, Issue 1 (March 2010)UGDO