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10-Sep-1998Awards for Top Science TeachersPAO
9-Aug-1990Environment '90 - Workshop on Environmental Science and TechnologyPAO
21-Nov-1995HKUST Holds High-Profile Forum on Telecom FuturePAO
26-Apr-1993Prof. Chang of HKUST Explains How the Lung WorksPAO
2-Nov-1998Chen DanQing Copies to CreatePAO
20-Dec-1993HKUST to Hold Audit Workshop on TQMPAO
23-Sep-1997HKUST Holds Student Outreach Day 1997 on 27 SeptemberPAO
1-Aug-1996Eminent Linguist Joins HKUSTPAO
16-Mar-1994A Blueprint for China's Prosperity: The Basic Law in Hong KongPAO
22-Oct-1993HKUST a Partner in $118M PADS Wind Shear ProjectPAO
12-Aug-1991President's Advisory Board Established at The Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyPAO
9-May-1994HKUST Delivers First Computer Science GraduatesPAO
29-Sep-1993HK University of Science and Technology Presents First Forum on Information Technology ManagementPAO
18-May-1993HKUST Computer Project Receives Award from DECPAO
14-Apr-1998HK CAS Alumni Establish Scholarly AssociationPAO
24-Sep-1991Popular Science Lecture to Feature Electronic CommunicationPAO
12-Sep-1994HKUST Appoints Acting Dean of EngineeringPAO
15-Apr-1996Prominent Chinese Scientist to Speak at HKUSTPAO
24-Oct-1989Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs Appointed for the Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyPAO
28-Jan-1999New Technology for Purification of Industrial Waste Gas StreamsPAO
13-Nov-1997HKUST Hosts "Gems of Contemporary Chinese Prints-An Exhibition by the Faculty of the Department of Print, China National Academy of Fine Arts"PAO
15-Dec-1989Press Release Announcing the Appointments of Director of Public Affairs and Director of Estates ManagementPAO
10-Jan-1995HKUST to Host Conference on Computational Fluid DynamicsPAO
31-Dec-1996HKUST Campus is Setting for Art Works from Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and Hong KongPAO
24-Dec-1996HKUST Develops New Particles for "Smart Liquid"PAO
25-Sep-1991Concert to Celebrate HKUST OpeningPAO
19-Aug-1998New Multimedia Courseware Promotes IT EducationPAO
31-Oct-1995HKUST Exhibit Celebrates the Artist in Every PersonPAO
14-Jul-1998Art and Technology on View at HKUSTPAO
27-Mar-1998Laboratory For Future Homes Built at HKUSTPAO
13-Oct-1998Biometric Verification: The Body As PasswordPAO
28-Jul-1993Regional Conference on Financial Markets to Be Presented at HKUSTPAO
7-Nov-1990Senior Academic Staff of HKUST to Speak at "Careers '91" ExhibitionPAO
19-Mar-1997New Art On-Line at HKUSTPAO
30-Dec-1996HKUST Researchers Developing Water Pollution MonitorPAO
24-May-1994HKUST'S First Patent GrantedPAO
11-Jun-1993Sculpture and Installation Art Exhibition to be Staged at Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyPAO
20-Jan-1998HKUST Library Hosts International Seminar on Chinese Information Processing in LibrariesPAO
23-Feb-1995Pioneers of Interactive Multimedia to Address HKUST ForumPAO
25-Apr-1991HKUST Announces Mathematics AppointmentPAO
16-May-1996HKUST Develops On-Line HKCEE and A-Level InformationPAO
24-Mar-1995HKUST Alumni Association FormsPAO
15-Dec-1989Press Release Announcing the Appointments of Director of Finance and Executive Assistant to the Vice-ChancellorPAO
21-May-1993HKUST Present Seminar on 17th CenturyPAO
1-Nov-1994HKUST MBA Graduates: Benefited From the ProgrammePAO
12-Oct-1993Internet: An Indispensable Research Tool at HKUSTPAO
9-Dec-1993Free Lecture on the Use of Computers in Aircraft DesignPAO
5-Aug-1993Lung Disease Preventive Apparatus To Be Exhibited in ShatinPAO
3-Jan-1995Ocean Colour Satellite Station Established at HKUSTPAO
3-Mar-1998New Challenges for Communications Teaching in Science and EngineeringPAO
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