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19-May-2014Welcome and Opening; Closing RemarksIAS
17-Jul-2014The New Role and Challenges of Biotechnology in Chemical IndustryIAS; CBME
24-Mar-2014e-考據與《紅樓夢》研究的新局IAS; DHSS
26-Aug-2014A Century of Activated Sludge: Advances in ModelingIAS
26-Aug-2014Maximizing the Benefits of Water ReclamationIAS
29-Sep-2014The New Normal in China: Lessons from EuropeIAS
26-Aug-2014From Ardern and Lockett to Today and BeyondIAS
27-Aug-2014Overview of Wastewater Treatment-Energy-Greenhouse Gas Nexus: Challenges and Solutions ForwardIAS
27-Aug-2014Granular Sludge – the Next Stage in Wastewater TreatmentIAS
28-Apr-2010從清末與日本明治維新到二次大戰前後數學人才培養之比較 (A Comparative Study on the Training of Talents in Mathematics in China and Japan from 1868 (the Meiji Restoration in Japan) to the Second World War)IAS
10-Apr-2012The First Step from Tissue Engineering to Organ EngineeringIAS
9-Mar-2012Prenatal Gene Therapy for Genetic Diseases - Hopes, Fears and Ethical ConsiderationsIAS
18-May-2012Deng Xiaoping: The Man Who Changed the WorldIAS
29-May-2012Thinking 'Inside the Box': Confining Light to Ever Smaller VolumesIAS; WFA
22-Mar-2012China's Rise: The View from Washington [Edited Version without Q&A Session]IAS
16-Mar-2012Minimizing Effects of Uncertainty in Reliability-Based Design and in Risk-Informed DecisionsIAS
4-May-2012EIT Label - A New Brand for Engineering Educational Programs at Postgraduate LevelIAS; E2I
1-Mar-2012On the Future of High Performance Computing: How to Think for Peta and Exascale ComputingIAS; FYTGS
28-Jun-2012A Thousand Years Old Problem and a Million Dollars PrizeIAS
5-Sep-2011Fundamentals of Condensed Matter PhysicsIAS
30-May-2011Electroweak Symmetry Breaking Scenarios and Their SignalsIAS
30-May-2011First Physics Highlights from the LHCIAS
16-Sep-2011Multiscale, Superresolved, Ultrasensitive Optical Molecular ImagingIAS
30-May-2011δN-Formalism and Superhorizon Curvature PerturbationsIAS
30-May-2011Cosmological Challenges – The View of a String TheoristIAS
31-May-2011Astrometric Properties of a Stochastic Gravitational Wave BackgroundIAS
1-Jun-2011The Cosmic Microwave Sky: Beyond the Power SpectrumIAS
31-May-2011Black Holes, Big and Small: Impact on Galaxy FormationIAS
1-Jun-2011Eternal Inflation and Its ImplicationsIAS
1-Jun-2011What Galaxy Surveys Really Measure: Relativistic Corrections to the Measured Galaxy Power SpectrumIAS
31-May-2011Connections between Thermodynamics and Gravitational DynamicsIAS
1-Jun-2011Testing Gravity on Cosmological ScalesIAS
1-Jun-2011Dynamics and Signatures of Bubble CollisionsIAS
13-Jan-2010Introduction to String Cosmology. Lecture 2: The Quantum UniverseIAS
11-Jan-2010Introduction to String Cosmology. [Lecture 1]IAS
21-Jan-2010Impaired Function of the Ubiquitin-Proteasome Pathway in Huntington’s DiseaseIAS; BICH
22-Jan-2010Differential TRAF3 Ubiquitination Determines the Outcome of TLR SignalingIAS; BICH
29-Jan-2010Field-induced Phenomena of Functionalized Complex FluidsIAS; PHYS
14-Nov-2013Computational Studies of Two-dimensional Materials: From Graphene to Few-layer Graphene and BeyondIAS
14-Feb-2014Toughening Polymers and their Fibre Composites: Whither 'Nano' or 'Micro'?IAS
27-Jan-2014GFP: Lighting up LifeIAS
24-Jan-2014Defects with Character: Zero-energy Majorana Modes in Condensed-matter SystemsIAS
20-Jan-2014Quantum RealityIAS
19-Dec-2013Imprinting Test of Disease-associated SNPs under Mixture ModelIAS
19-Dec-2013Group Regularized Estimation under Strong HierarchyIAS
19-Dec-2013Interval Estimation for Random Coefficient AR Model and Predictive RegressionsIAS
19-Dec-2013A Sequential Penalized Likelihood Procedure and EBIC for Feature Selection with Big DataIAS
19-Dec-2013Generalized Measures of Correlation and their Implications in GARCH and Heston ModelsIAS
19-Dec-2013Optimizing Organ Exchange System: Celebrating the 2012 Nobel Prize in EconomicsIAS
Results 151-200 of 782 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).