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26-Aug-2014Strategies for Further Development of MBR TechnologyIAS
26-Aug-2014Perspectives of Wastewater Treatment Processes in KoreaIAS
28-Aug-2014Presentations Series by Invited Mainland GuestsIAS
5-Sep-2014Why Study Cancer by Studying Yeast CellsIAS
26-Aug-2014Biological Nutrient Removal: Past, Present and FutureIAS
19-May-2014Welcome and Opening; Closing RemarksIAS
17-Jul-2014The New Role and Challenges of Biotechnology in Chemical IndustryIAS; CBME
24-Mar-2014e-考據與《紅樓夢》研究的新局IAS; DHSS
26-Aug-2014A Century of Activated Sludge: Advances in ModelingIAS
26-Aug-2014Maximizing the Benefits of Water ReclamationIAS
29-Sep-2014The New Normal in China: Lessons from EuropeIAS
26-Aug-2014From Ardern and Lockett to Today and BeyondIAS
27-Aug-2014Overview of Wastewater Treatment-Energy-Greenhouse Gas Nexus: Challenges and Solutions ForwardIAS
27-Aug-2014Granular Sludge – the Next Stage in Wastewater TreatmentIAS
14-Feb-2014Toughening Polymers and their Fibre Composites: Whither 'Nano' or 'Micro'?IAS
27-Jan-2014GFP: Lighting up LifeIAS
24-Jan-2014Defects with Character: Zero-energy Majorana Modes in Condensed-matter SystemsIAS
20-Jan-2014Quantum RealityIAS
21-Jan-2014Atomic: Continuum Coupled Model and its Algorithm for the Dynamic Behaviors of Metallic Micro-nano DeviceIAS; DENG
13-Nov-2014A Global Perspective: The Future of China and Hong Kong in the Next DecadeIAS
31-Oct-2014New Human Proteins Reveal a New Layer of Biology with Broad Therapeutic PotentialIAS
2-Jan-2014Engineering Nanocrystalline PhotocatalystsIAS
27-Aug-2014Moving from Treatment to ResourceIAS
27-Aug-2014Critical Thinking about Water Pollution Control Strategy in ChinaIAS
27-Aug-2014New Challenges, New Answers: A System ApproachIAS
27-Aug-2014Sea-water Flushing and Wastewater Treatment in Hong KongIAS
26-Aug-2014Activated Sludge Process in Japan: the Past and the FutureIAS
26-Aug-2014IAS Symposium on Activated Sludge - Past and Next 100 Years: [Welcome and Opening Remarks]IAS
15-Sep-2014From Volta to Today's Li-ion Batteries and BeyondIAS
27-Aug-2014Future Technologies for Sewage Management in Coastal AreasIAS
27-Aug-2014Towards Energy Efficient Water Reclamation ProcessIAS
27-Mar-2014中國製造業的成長: 以聯想為例 = The Growth of China’s Manufacturers: Talking about LegendIAS
20-Mar-2014Recent Development of High Strength and High Ductility Nanostructured Materials for Light Weight Structures through Advanced DesignIAS; SSCI; DENG
30-Apr-2014Inorganic Materials for Water Splitting: What is the Future?IAS
23-Jul-2014Lipid Metabolomics Expanding Role in the Omics Evolution in Health, Nutrition and DiseaseIAS
20-Mar-2014Stratification and Mobility in Multiple GenerationsIAS; DHSS
27-Aug-2014IAS Symposium on Activated Sludge - Past and Next 100 Years: Concluding SessionIAS
26-Aug-2014Integrated Fixed-film Activated Sludge System (IFAS)IAS
11-Aug-2014Small Gaps between Prime NumbersIAS
17-Oct-2014Recent Advances in Modeling of Microscale Boiling and Condensation Heat Transfer PhenomenaIAS
29-Oct-2014Computer-aided Drug DesignIAS
21-Nov-2014Duration-differentiated Energy Services with Different DeadlinesIAS; EI
21-Nov-2014MIMO Network Control Systems-beyond StabilityIAS; EI
22-Jan-2014Nanostructured Functional Hybrid Materials by Taming RadicalsIAS
25-Nov-2014Introduction to Bio-inspired Engineering: Gliding, Soaring, Hovering, Powered Flapping Flight, and Scaling LawIAS; BME; MAE
24-Nov-2014Introduction to Bio-inspired Flight System: Definition, History, Contemporary Issues, and Future DirectionsIAS; BME; MAE
12-Dec-2014The Local Inverse Problem for the Geodesic X-ray Transform and Boundary RigidityIAS; MATH
16-Dec-2014Universal Laws and Architectures: Why Biology Needs less Physics, more Math and Engineering, and much more BiologyIAS
Results 1-50 of 183 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).