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7-May-2015Unexpected and Separate Connections of tRNA Synthetases to HIV and to Novel AntibioticsIAS
5-Jun-2015Numerical Simulation of Shock-Turbulence InteractionsIAS
5-Jun-2015Turbulence in High Reynolds Number FlowsIAS
11-May-2015Malthus and the First Divergence: How did Europe Pull Ahead of China after 1500?IAS
12-Jun-2015Inferences from Task Difficulty: Metacognition and Identity Based MotivationIAS
15-Jun-2015Predicting Stopout in MOOCs: Mining Behavioral DataIAS
8-May-2015Yesterday’s Tomorrows: Past Visions of Future Financial MarketsIAS
13-May-2015Sustaining the Silicon Revolution: From 3D Transistors to 3D IntegrationIAS
19-Jun-2015Plastic Electronics: The Science and Application of Soluble SemiconductorsIAS
19-Jun-2015Toward a Distributed Renewable Electrochemical Energy and Mobility System (DREEMS): Polymer Electrolytes and ElectrocatalysisIAS
12-Jan-2015Materials and Devices for Efficient Solar and Thermal Energy UtilizationIAS
29-Jan-2015China in TransitionIAS
3-Mar-2015From Dust to Cloud: A Story of IoT, Cloud, Business Cases, and LawIAS
19-Jan-2015Particle Physics in China: Present and FutureIAS
16-Apr-2015Surface Modifications of Micro and Millimeter Size Particles with Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor DepositionIAS; DENG
30-Mar-2015Reinventing Fire: A Superefficient, Renewable, Profitable U.S. and China StrategyIAS
28-Apr-2015Are Viruses Really Guardians of the Planet?IAS
23-Mar-2015At the Intersection of Data Science and LanguageIAS
3-Mar-2015Supply Chain Innovations for Alleviating PovertyIAS
26-Mar-2015Molecules Inside Small SpacesIAS
19-Mar-2015China Spallation Neutron SourceIAS
10-Apr-2015Signal Fusion and Big Data Analytics on Massive Sensor Data SetsIAS
21-Apr-2015More Autonomy through Semiconductor InnovationIAS
13-Mar-2015Brands in Motion: Estimating Multinational Frictions in the Car IndustryIAS
8-Jan-2015Probabilistic Nano-Mechanical Finite Weakest-Link Model for Quasibrittle Structure Strength, Crack Growth, Lifetime and FatigueIAS; DENG
6-Jan-2015Anaerobic Treatment of Domestic Wastewater: An Approach to Meet Future Needs? ; [Urban Water Sustainability and Climate Change]IAS; DENG
6-Jan-2015Molecular Regulation of Stem Cell Quiescence and ActivationIAS
5-Jan-2015Manipulating Growth Factors for Brain RepairIAS
27-Jan-2015Birth and Future of Multiscale Modeling of MacromoleculesIAS; CSBHH
9-Jan-2015Urban Computing: Using Big Data to Solve Urban ChallengesIAS
16-Jan-2015Biogenic Approaches to Scarce Element RecoveryIAS
2-Feb-2015Why Do the High-Tc Cuprate Superconductors Continue to be the Great Exception almost Three Decades after Their Discovery?IAS
20-Apr-2015Polymer Reaction Engineering: What can Chemical Engineers Contribute to Polymer Science and Advanced Materials?IAS; DENG
26-Jun-2015Topological Boundary Modes from Quantum Electronics to Classical MechanicsIAS
8-Dec-2015Mechanisms and Functions of Lysosome PositioningIAS
3-Dec-2015Inventing The Joint Strike FighterIAS
10-Dec-2015Managing General and Individual Knowledge in Crowdsourcing ApplicationsIAS
26-Nov-2015The 2015 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences: Angus DeatonIAS; DBM
20-Oct-2015Wealth and Well-beingIAS; IEMS
28-Jul-2015The Growing Space LandscapeIAS
7-Aug-2015Cyber-physical Systems: Why Connecting the Physical World?IAS
15-Dec-2015Data-driven Computational Abstraction and Imagination of Visual FormsIAS
8-Jul-2015What Does the Clock Speed of My Computer Have to Do with the Fundamental Constants of Nature, ̳h, c, q, m?IAS
4-Nov-2015New Insights into the Molecular Mechanisms of Neurotransmitter ReleaseIAS; CSBHH
16-Oct-2015Building Supply Chain Sustainability through Value Chain InnovationsIAS
28-Jul-2015Characterization of Hazardous Materials: Flammability and ReactivityIAS; DENG
11-Nov-2015How Mitochondria Move and Why It Matters to Neurons and Mitotic CellsIAS
26-Oct-2015Technological Entrepreneurship: a Key to World Peace and ProsperityIAS
9-Nov-2015The Cell's Toolbox for DNA Repair: The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2015IAS; DSCI
17-Sep-2015The Greek Crisis and the Future of the EurozoneIAS
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