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17-Dec-2008Applications of Nanosystems to Environment and Energy IssuesIAS; CBME
11-Sep-2008K-Theory and the Index of Elliptic Operators - Elliptic Boundary Value ProblemsIAS
5-Sep-2008K-Theory and the Index of Elliptic Operators - The Dirac OperatorIAS
6-Jan-2009Emerging Technology for EnergyIAS
6-Jan-2009Computation ScienceIAS
6-Jan-2009Future Directions and ChallengesIAS
20-Feb-2008How Hereditary Neurological Diseases can Arise from Mutations in Genes of the Translation MachineryIAS
9-Dec-2007Mathematics of Multi-Scale ProblemsIAS; DSCI; MATH; PHYS
21-Feb-2008How Structural Analysis can Actively Elucidate Mammalian Cell FunctionIAS
10-Jan-2008Regulation of Emotion and Cognition: Focus on GABAA ReceptorsIAS; BICH
30-Jan-2008There are No Excuses in Paradise - The Institute for Advanced Study: Past, Present and FutureIAS
20-Feb-2008How Errors of Protein Synthesis can Lead to Human DiseasesIAS
22-Feb-2008How Basic Research has Transformed Human HealthIAS
22-Jan-2008Graphene and the Physics of the Two-Dimensional Dirac Spectrum (Lecture 1)IAS
5-Dec-2007Array ImagingIAS; DSCI
5-Jun-2007Openness, Technology Capital, and DevelopmentIAS; CED
18-May-2007Computers and Mathematics: Problems and ProspectsIAS; MATH; CSE
10-Apr-2007The Research University in the 21st Century (Panel Discussion)IAS
18-May-2007The Mathematics of PageRankIAS; MATH; CSE
14-May-2007Novel Spectroscopy for Probing Molecular ChiralityIAS
13-Aug-2007The Future of PhysicsIAS
23-Dec-2009Antiorbital ComplexesIAS
10-Dec-2009Personalized Medicine & StatisticsIAS
9-Sep-2008The History and Developments of Nitride-based Blue LEDs and Laser Diodes & Recent Breakthroughs in GaN LEDs and Laser DiodesIAS
10-Dec-2009Leader Cells in Collective MigrationIAS
8-Oct-2009Leptin and the Biologic Basis of Obesity: Homeostatic Control of Body Weight, the Cloning of the Ob Gene and the Identification of Leptin, Clinical ImplicationsOUDPA
29-Mar-2006Meeting the Challenges of the 21st CenturyOUDPA
8-Mar-2006Mutants: On the Form, Varieties and Errors of the Human BodyOUDPA
11-Mar-2006The Real Digital DivideOUDPA
15-Sep-2001HKUST SoarsOUDPA
15-Sep-2001HKUST SoarsOUDPA
15-Sep-2001HKUST SoarsOUDPA
17-Dec-2009Silicon Microresonator-based Electro-optical Switches and Delay Lines for On-chip Optical InterconnectsIAS; PHYS
17-Dec-2009Progresses and Challenges of SOI Based Photonic DevicesPHYS
14-Mar-2007The Strange Collapse of Globalism and What it Might Mean Outside of the WestOUDPA; DBM
Results 151-185 of 185 (Search time: 0.001 seconds).