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14-Sep-2007Modularity Lifting TheoremsIAS
14-Sep-2007The Sato-Tate ConjectureIAS
13-Sep-2007Geometry and String Theory: The Langlands ProgrammeIAS
6-Sep-2007Geometry and Quantum Mechanics: Points and ParticlesIAS
2-Apr-2009星塵與生命的起源 (Star Dust and the Origin of Life on Earth)OUDPA
12-Dec-2008Science and Policies for Climate ChangeIAS; DENG
22-Jun-2006The End of Chinese AmericaOUDPA
15-Sep-2007HKUST: A Vision For The Future = 香港科技大學: 未來的遠見OUDPA
15-Sep-2005HKUST: A Vision For The Future = 香港科技大學: 未來的遠見OUDPA
9-Dec-2009Biophysics and Adaptation of Bacteria in Nanofabricated LandscapesIAS
8-Dec-2009Rapid Evolution of Antibiotic ResistanceIAS
8-Dec-2009A Genomic Synthesis for Evolutionary Theory: Mutation is not RandomIAS
9-Dec-2009Understanding Evolution without DarwinIAS
9-Dec-2009Can Bacteria be Programmed to Cure Cancer?IAS
9-Dec-2009Evolution in CancerIAS
9-Dec-2009Cancer and EvolutionIAS
9-Dec-2009E.Coli as a Model System for CancerIAS
22-Jun-2009Modeling and Simulations of Soft MattersIAS; PHYS
26-Aug-2009String Theory and the Quantum UniverseIAS
20-Apr-2009Self-assembly and Hydrodynamics at InterfacesIAS; PHYS
25-May-2009Effective Simulations of Interfacial FlowsIAS; PHYS
12-Oct-2009The Geometry and Topology of the Freudenthal Magic Square (Session Two)IAS
9-Oct-2009The Geometry and Topology of the Freudenthal Magic Square (Session One)IAS
14-Sep-2009Single Molecule Manipulation: Edge-Cutting Techniques for Studies of Biomolecular MachineryIAS; DSCI; PHYS
12-Oct-2009President's Dialogue with Sir Michael AtiyahIAS
27-Aug-2009Will China Become the Next USA?IAS
24-May-2006Origin of the Universe and Quantum Gravity - a Grass-Root ApproachIAS; OUDPA; PHYS
7-Mar-2008Digital Censorship in the United StatesOUDPA
2-Jun-2006Maybe Einstein GoofedIAS; OUDPA
11-Jun-2006The Space-time of Hawking: brief introduction on Hawking's life, his work in physics, and his view on the nature of space and timeIAS; OUDPA; PHYS
3-Jun-2006Hawking and Black Holes: Earlier Work by Hawking and Related Astronomical ObservationsIAS; OUDPA
10-Mar-2008Adventures in Science WritingOUDPA
10-Mar-2008Nanoporous Silica-based Membranes for Drug Delivery ApplicationsIAS; CENG
13-Jun-2006How Our Universe Began (String Theory Perspective)IAS; OUDPA
19-Feb-2008How the Second Genetic Code was RevealedIAS
10-Nov-2007The Secret Lives of EnzymesIAS
26-Oct-2007New Directions in Science: The Search for Fractional Charge ParticlesIAS
6-Jun-2007Neurocorrelates of Reading Chinese Words in Texts without Word BoundariesIAS; DHSS
18-May-2007The Beauty of Computing and Mathematics (Panel Discussion)IAS; MATH; CSE
6-Nov-2006Innovation Strategy of High-Tech CompaniesIAS
9-Nov-2006Agrienergy: What Does the Future Hold?IAS
10-Apr-2007Why our proteins have to die so we shall liveIAS
8-Dec-2006Nano Patterns, Global PatternsIAS
13-Sep-2006Organizing the World's InformationIAS
5-Aug-2008深圳高科技的發展與挑戰 (Shenzhen's High-Tech Development and Challenges)OUDPA
8-Dec-2009Synthesis of Organic Matter by Stars and its Effect on the Origin of Life on EarthIAS
Results 51-100 of 185 (Search time: 0.002 seconds).