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17-Dec-2009Research on Silicon-based Optical Switches and ModulatorsPHYS
15-Oct-2009Glacial Inceptions: Past and FutureIAS
9-Dec-2009RNA-mediated Epigenetic Inheritance in OxytrichaIAS
12-Feb-2009考古看西藏:西藏的历史与文化 (History and Culture of Tibet: An Archeological Perspective)DHSS
11-Feb-2009三星堆考古发現与巴蜀文明 (Appreciating the Ba-Shu Civilization through the Archeological Discovery of Sanxingdui)DHSS
26-Mar-2009七十年代中國地下詩 (The Underground Poetry in the 1970s)DHSS
24-Feb-2009北平和平解放 (The Peaceful Liberation of Beiping)DHSS
3-Apr-2009要土地,不要暴力! -- 六十年文學話土改 (Want Land, Not Violence: The 'Land Reform' in Chinese Fiction Since 1949)DHSS
8-Oct-2009The Obese and Diabetes Mutant Mice: An Historical PerspectiveOUDPA
17-Dec-2009Silicon microresonator-based devices for on-chip optical interconnectsPHYS
8-Dec-2009A Few Topics from Statistical Physics: Theory and ExperimentIAS; PHYS
20-Jan-2009The Mysteries of Four-Dimensional SpaceIAS
2-Apr-2009星塵與生命的起源 (Star Dust and the Origin of Life on Earth)OUDPA
9-Dec-2009Biophysics and Adaptation of Bacteria in Nanofabricated LandscapesIAS
8-Dec-2009Rapid Evolution of Antibiotic ResistanceIAS
8-Dec-2009A Genomic Synthesis for Evolutionary Theory: Mutation is not RandomIAS
9-Dec-2009Understanding Evolution without DarwinIAS
9-Dec-2009Can Bacteria be Programmed to Cure Cancer?IAS
9-Dec-2009Evolution in CancerIAS
9-Dec-2009Cancer and EvolutionIAS
9-Dec-2009E.Coli as a Model System for CancerIAS
22-Jun-2009Modeling and Simulations of Soft MattersIAS; PHYS
26-Aug-2009String Theory and the Quantum UniverseIAS
20-Apr-2009Self-assembly and Hydrodynamics at InterfacesIAS; PHYS
25-May-2009Effective Simulations of Interfacial FlowsIAS; PHYS
12-Oct-2009The Geometry and Topology of the Freudenthal Magic Square (Session Two)IAS
9-Oct-2009The Geometry and Topology of the Freudenthal Magic Square (Session One)IAS
14-Sep-2009Single Molecule Manipulation: Edge-Cutting Techniques for Studies of Biomolecular MachineryIAS; DSCI; PHYS
12-Oct-2009President's Dialogue with Sir Michael AtiyahIAS
27-Aug-2009Will China Become the Next USA?IAS
8-Dec-2009Synthesis of Organic Matter by Stars and its Effect on the Origin of Life on EarthIAS
8-Dec-2009Spontaneous Emergence of Modularity in an Evolving SystemIAS
8-Dec-2009Collective and Nonlinear Phenomena in EvolutionIAS
8-Dec-2009Darwinian Evolution as Front Propagation in Fitness SpaceIAS
8-Dec-2009What Is Evolution? Towards A New SynthesisIAS
9-Dec-2009Physical Sciences in Oncology InitiativeIAS
10-Dec-2009Who Will Fund the High-Risk Projects in Life Sciences?IAS
10-Dec-2009Mechanical Stress on Cancer Cells and Passage with Hydrodynamic ForcesIAS
10-Dec-2009Evolution in the Therapy of CancerIAS
10-Dec-2009The Dynamics of the Immune Repertoire of an OrganismIAS
23-Feb-2009Fluctuations Effects in Soft MatterIAS; PHYS
11-Mar-2009Novel Interactions and Dynamics in Complex Fluids: From Colloidal Particles to Liquid Crystal and DNA MoleculesIAS; PHYS
2-Mar-2009Climate Change and Air PollutionIAS; CBME; IENV
3-Mar-2009Atmospheric Organic AerosolsIAS; CBME; IENV
5-Jan-2009New Frontiers in ScienceIAS
21-Mar-2009Molecules That Changed The WorldIAS
19-Mar-2009Symmetry: More Than Pretty PicturesIAS
5-Jan-2009Hopes for the FutureIAS
17-Nov-2009An Introduction to Strong Correlation Physics and the Phenomenology of High Temperature Superconductivity [lecture 5]IAS
5-Nov-2009An Introduction to Strong Correlation Physics and the Phenomenology of High Temperature Superconductivity [lecture 2]IAS
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