6.17:2.1 - President's Cup Prize Winning Projects : [40]

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Issue DateTitleOffice
15-May-2021Vivian: Decentralized Global Naming and Storage System on Tangle Distributed LedgerDST
3-May-2021Towards the Continuous Manufacture of Personalized LipsticksDST
3-May-2021Mynah: An Assistive Tool for the Speech ImpairedDST
29-Jan-2021Long Term Investing with Dynamic Hedging Using a Combination of Stocks and OptionsDST
23-Mar-2020Indoor Guiding System for the Visually ImpairedDST
23-Mar-2020Assistive Exoskeleton for Workers and EldersDST
15-Mar-2019Fully-conformable Skin Sensors for Sports Fatigue DetectionDST
15-Mar-2019Autonomous Gecko-Inspired Symbiosis Robotics End-EffectorDST
15-Mar-2019Helen - An Accessibility Device for AI-based Lip ReadingDST
12-Mar-2019Integrating Building Information Modelling (BlM) with Internet of Things (IoT) for better Facilities ManagementDST
1-Apr-2018Sonar and Acoustic Communication Systems for Urban Water Supply SystemsDST
1-Apr-2018Home-Based Device That Performs a Urine Test at Lab Level of AccuracyDST
24-Mar-2017Development of a Low-Cost Underwater Acoustic Communication SystemDST
24-Mar-2017Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) by Smartphone AppDST
24-Mar-2016Using the Leap Motion Controller to Translate Sign Language to SpeechDST
27-Mar-2015Grid Optimization of OLED Lighting Panel ElectrodeDST
25-Mar-2015Turn any Computer Screen into a Gesture-assisted Touch Screen Using a Leap Motion ControllerDST
25-Mar-2015Real-time Display for Machine StatusDST
26-Mar-2014Multi-stage Human-computer Interaction for Command Refining on an Intelligent Personal AssistantDST
26-Mar-2014The Implementation of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Sensors for Slope Stability MonitoringDST
Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order: 1 to 20 of 40

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