6.17:2.1 - President's Cup Prize Winning Projects : [39]

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Issue DateTitleOffice
10-Apr-2013Green Slope EngineeringDST
10-Apr-2013Micro-Mini Pulsed Electric Field Technology for Point-of-use Disinfection of Tap WaterDST
10-Apr-2012Enhancing Internet Transaction Security with Fingerprint RecognitionDST
4-Apr-2011Design of Lithium-ion Batteries for Electric VehiclesDST
9-Apr-2010Hand-Eye Coordination for Visual Targets by Hebbian Learning Using Neural NetworksUGDO
7-Apr-2010Ultrasound-Mediated Delivery of Macromolecules to the EyeUGDO
1-Apr-2009Self-assembling Peptide Nanoparticles for Drug DeliveryUGDO
1-Apr-2009Halloysite NanocompositesUGDO
1-Apr-2009Modeling Air Damping on a Microresonator Using MD simulationUGDO
7-Apr-2008Nanobottle-Immobilized Biomolecules for Sensor ApplicationUGDO
7-Apr-2008Capture and Release of Protein by Reversible DNA induced Sol-gel Transition SystemUGDO
7-Apr-2008Pharmacological Studies on Tonifying HerbsUGDO
1-Apr-2008Humanoid RobotUGDO
1-Apr-2008Fully On-chip Charge Pump with Reversion Loss ReductionUGDO
13-Apr-2007Application of Real time Searching Algorithm in Image encoderUGDO
1-Apr-2007Subwavelength Optical Probing of Fluidic MicroparticlesUGDO
1-Apr-2007Evolutionary Structural Form Optimization for Improving Economical Effectiveness of High-rise Buildings Using Hybrid Genetic AlgorithmsUGDO
1-Apr-2007Production of particles for pulmonary drug delivery via aerosol technologyUGDO
1-Apr-2007Photonic Force on One Dimensional Photonic CrystalUGDO
Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order: 21 to 39 of 39

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