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Issue DateTitleOffice
1-Jun-1996Dragon Boat '96PAO
24-Jun-1993Dragon Boat '93PAO
4-Apr-1999Handball CompetitionPAO
16-Jan-1990Council InaugurationPAO
2-Apr-1997Scholarship WinnerPAO
3-Apr-1995Photo Exhibition of Winner Works of Open Photo ContestPAO
4-Sep-1995First Day in '95 Fall SemesterPAO
29-Nov-1997Get in Gear (Graduation Dinner)PAO
4-May-1995May Forth ForumPAO
9-May-1997Pathfinders StudentsPAO
2-Oct-1992Royal Visit : Mr & Mrs Michael TrendPAO
10-Aug-1995Registration of Freshman '95PAO
13-Feb-1997Student Society ElectionPAO
30-Jan-1997Student Festival '97PAO
18-Aug-1998Orientation Camp '98PAO
11-Apr-1996Tree-Planting Ceremony by University Court MembersPAO
3-May-1996Student Referendum on Provisional LegislativePAO
17-Oct-1997Get in GearPAO
30-Aug-1996Official Welcome of New Students '96PAO
16-Oct-1998Prof Bergweiler (MATH) Family PhotoPAO
2-Jul-1990Academic Staff MeetingPAO
13-Sep-1997Lantern NightPAO
20-Aug-1996Physical Fitness Assessment '96PAO
13-Jun-1994Dragon Boat '94PAO
7-Nov-1998Athletic Meet '98PAO
10-May-1993Folk Song NightPAO
26-Feb-1994Charity WalkPAO
23-Dec-1995HKUST Photo Festival '95 - Salon SeminarPAO
7-Oct-1994Joint House Gala Dinner '94PAO
21-Nov-1994Singing Contest '94PAO
27-Apr-1996Staff Cricket PracticePAO
1-Jan-1994Court Member by BobbyPAO
24-Jan-1998Student Multimedia Workshop for High School TeachersPAO
4-Sep-1996"Technological Wake-Up Call" GenesisPAO
21-Aug-1997Science Student AssociationPAO
24-Oct-1991Topping out Phase IIPAO
25-Sep-1997Campus Run '97PAO
14-May-1993Beach NightPAO
31-May-1996HKUST vs Bayer Research & Development Information Interchange & Football DaysPAO
17-Oct-1992Tsim Sha Tsui Area CommitteePAO
2-May-1993Inter-House CarnivalPAO
27-Mar-1995Lab Demo and CountersPAO
18-Feb-1993Flea MarketPAO
23-Aug-1996Math O'CampPAO
8-May-1995Podium Dance Project by Dancing SocietyPAO
6-May-1994Joint House Fun NightPAO
1-Sep-1997BSU Membership CardPAO
26-Dec-1997Inter-Universities Bridge TournamentPAO
10-Aug-1995O'Camp Counters by Various SocietyPAO
25-Sep-1996University Choir PerformancePAO
Results 101-150 of 319 (Search time: 0.002 seconds).

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