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31-Aug-1994Official Welcome of New Students '94PAO
1-Sep-1992Orientation Night '92PAO
2-Apr-1994A Day in CampusPAO
24-May-1996Wharton -- SBM UG Exchange Agreement Signing CeremonyPAO
25-Jun-1996Asia-Pacific Conference on Coastal Environment - Mai PoPAO
12-Nov-1997Aerial Shot (Phase III) by Focal PointPAO
19-May-1994The Debut Concert by the Wind EnsemblePAO
18-Feb-1993Media Luncheon : Pun-hoi YUPAO
30-Nov-1990Topping out Ceremony of Phase I Academic BuildingPAO
30-Jun-1990SCBA ReceptionPAO
8-Jan-1993Mr Roger Sims, MP British HK Parliamentary Group UKPAO
5-Mar-1997Putonghua Competition RehearsalPAO
1-Sep-1993Recruitment of Student SocietiesPAO
1-Sep-1995Campus Run '95PAO
2-Dec-1994PG Tea ReceptionPAO
20-Aug-1996O'Camp '96PAO
6-Jun-1996Pathfinders Job Search - Orientation '96, keynote speaker Dr Glendon RowellPAO
1-Aug-1996RTHK - File U of Science TechnologyPAO
16-Jul-1995SBM Summer Live-in ProgrammePAO
13-May-1996Softball TournamentPAO
1-Aug-1994Orientation Camp '94PAO
10-Oct-1991Opening CeremonyPAO
1-Aug-19965th-yr Anniversary Exhibits - SBM's Copies about MBA Exchange Programme & International Conference & WorkshopPAO
25-Nov-1994Drama Performance by Drama ClubPAO
10-Oct-1991Opening Ceremony BanquetPAO
20-Mar-1997Alumni Scholarship AwardeePAO
16-Aug-1995O'Camp '95PAO
26-Mar-1997Putonghua Performance & RecitationPAO
30-Dec-1998Product Innovation AwardPAO
6-May-1995Artist-in-residence ProgrammePAO
7-Aug-1992Sai Kung District OfficePAO
11-May-1996Computer Music ConcertPAO
19-Jul-1996Site Visit to Harbour City Ocean Terminal LobbyPAO
20-Aug-1996Music Society O'Camp (Water Battle)PAO
13-Sep-1995Official Welcome of New Students '95PAO
29-Feb-1996Government Cantonese Course PresentationPAO
20-Feb-1995PHOTO CD SeminarPAO
4-Apr-1991Council MeetingPAO
12-May-1995Senior Staff Quarters and Graduate Residences' University Centre - Grand Braking CeremonyPAO
29-Nov-1996Trailwalker '96PAO
24-Mar-1998Sai Kung Principals' LuncheonPAO
19-Oct-1996Soccer Game with DragonairPAO
2-May-1993Athletic MeetingPAO
18-Sep-1998Dinner Function - "Welcome to Confluence"PAO
17-Nov-1994Inter-College Drama PerformancePAO
2-Dec-1992Media Luncheon : Frank ChingPAO
9-May-1994Students' Union Inauguration '94PAO
9-Oct-1996Patent of BiochemistryPAO
10-Jul-1993Veroasity Electronic Design CompetitionPAO
Results 51-100 of 319 (Search time: 0.001 seconds).

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