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Issue DateTitleOffice
16-Jan-1995First Asian Computational Fluid Dynamics ConferencePAO
26-Feb-1995Joint Universities Athletic MeetPAO
22-Nov-19933-On-3 Basketball CompetitionPAO
17-Feb-1994Martial Art PerformancePAO
18-May-1996Computer Music ConcertPAO
Unknown dateSocial Science (SOSC)PAO
20-Mar-1996Baroque to Rock (Expo Hall)PAO
1-May-1995SU EXCO Inauguration CeremonyPAO
Unknown dateLunch Concert : 7th Fleet Navy BandPAO
21-Oct-1997North Korea StarvationPAO
13-Jan-1993Dr Christodoulou, General SecretaryPAO
3-Jun-1996BME '96 ConferencePAO
27-Oct-1990UCLA ConferencePAO
Unknown dateLibrary (LIB)PAO
24-Oct-1998HKIE - MIE Student Project Competition 1998PAO
19-Sep-1994Basketball Competition (staff vs student)PAO
2-Aug-1996MBA Exchange Students OrientationPAO
7-May-1997Drama Presentation by HumanitiesPAO
18-Apr-1997Debate Forum SuccessPAO
20-Dec-1993Student ExaminationPAO
7-Jan-1992Sir John Burgh (President of Trinity College: Oxford University)PAO
10-Aug-1995Physical Fitness Assessment Programme by SAOPAO
2-May-1992Beach Clean UpPAO
22-Nov-1993Music PerformancePAO
18-Aug-1994Mass Games by EEE SocietyPAO
18-Sep-1996Teaching AwardsPAO
25-Feb-1995Photo DayPAO
18-Oct-1997Garage SalePAO
Unknown datePVC (Research & Development) (PVCRD)PAO
Unknown dateCOU Slide ShowPAO
10-Dec-1995Music Power in Colleges Closing Ceremony ConcertPAO
27-Sep-1994Visit of Delegation from the Office of Science & TechnologyPAO
11-Apr-1997Physical Fitness Assessment '97PAO
31-Jan-1996Opening of Intensive Cantonese CoursePAO
Unknown dateCouncil Members (group)PAO
7-Jun-1996Contest & Award Presentation for Excellence in Technical CommunicationPAO
18-Jul-1995Signing Ceremony for issurance of "BOC HKUST Affinity Card"PAO
13-Jan-1997UGC Higher Education Report: ReactionsPAO
2-Nov-1995Third CongregationPAO
Unknown dateCyberspace Transition ProjectPAO
7-Dec-1995Prof Klans Gersonde, Head, Frarnlwfer Institute for Biomedical EngineeringPAO
17-Mar-1994Zonta Club Scholarship Winner - Ms Hoi Yin LaiPAO
17-Jan-1996Inauguration Ceremony of the Centre for Display ResearchPAO
12-Aug-1992Lecturer From University of Guang ZhouPAO
4-May-1996Baseball CompetitionPAO
27-Apr-1994Arts FairPAO
18-Apr-1994Outstanding Services Award WinnerPAO
10-May-1993Chamber Music In HKUSTPAO
9-Nov-1994Streetball CompetitionPAO
Results 201-250 of 391 (Search time: 0.004 seconds).

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