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Issue DateTitleOffice
20-Aug-1996Student Registration '96PAO
6-Nov-1990Council MeetingPAO
27-Jun-1996Distributed Multimedia Systems Conference DMS '96PAO
27-Feb-1995Drama PerformancePAO
12-Aug-1996Beach ProjectPAO
23-Nov-1993Singing ContestPAO
19-Jul-1996Engineering ForumPAO
7-May-1997Chemistry PhD StudentPAO
28-Jan-1995Pathfinders New Year Luncheon by Career CentrePAO
27-Apr-1993Media Luncheon : Stephen VinesPAO
Unknown dateStudent (Undergraduate)PAO
17-Jul-1996Inauguration Ceremony of the Center Boosts Chinese Medicine ResearchPAO
24-Nov-1992Fellowship Dinner on Reception (HKUST, HKU, CU)PAO
20-Feb-1995HKUST Photo Festival '95 - Opening CeremonyPAO
27-Jan-1997Hair SalonPAO
Unknown dateFaculty RecruitmentPAO
21-Mar-1995Engineering Festival '95 - Mechanical Engineering DemoPAO
10-Mar-1999Undergraduate Students from Chinese MainlandPAO
Unknown dateStudent Recruitment (copy 1-5)PAO
Unknown dateMiscellaneous Winning ActivitiesPAO
12-Sep-1997Business Peer CouncillingPAO
26-Aug-1992Unix Security WorkshopPAO
4-Nov-1994Second CongregationPAO
3-Apr-1996Joint University Debate Contest '96PAO
6-Oct-1995Drama Workshop by Alice LauPAO
29-Apr-1998International Day '98PAO
17-Jun-1995Kite Flying ContestPAO
11-Mar-1994Tai-Chi ClassPAO
1-Oct-1992Media Luncheon : George ShenPAO
1-Mar-1997Business Mentoring WorkshopPAO
19-Oct-1996Biology SymposiumPAO
Unknown dateDean of School of Business and Management (DSBM)PAO
Unknown date97-98 Annual Report (OPA9812A)PAO
18-Sep-1997Genesis picturesPAO
1-Apr-1998Genesis picturesPAO
3-Jul-1997Genesis picturesPAO
4-Jun-1997Genesis picturesPAO
16-Apr-1997Genesis picturesPAO
16-Oct-1996Genesis picturesPAO
3-Sep-1997Genesis picturesPAO
Unknown dateDonors' Reception '95PAO
Unknown dateStudent HousingPAO
12-Mar-1998Genesis picturesPAO
21-May-1997Genesis picturesPAO
6-Aug-1997Genesis picturesPAO
5-Mar-1997Genesis picturesPAO
4-Mar-1998Genesis picturesPAO
3-Feb-1999Genesis picturesPAO
Unknown dateACM '96 International Programming ContestPAO
Results 251-300 of 391 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).

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