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Issue DateTitleOffice
18-Nov-1995Fourth Athletics MeetPAO
9-Mar-1995House II Variety ShowPAO
13-Feb-1995Singing Performance by Tarcy SoPAO
9-Nov-1995Mass Dance-by Joint U. StudentsPAO
28-Mar-1995Topping out ceremony of Graduate Residences, University Centre & Senior Staff QuarterPAO
27-Jan-1995Lion Dance in General Kwan Ceremony by EMOPAO
1-Jul-19954th ACM ProgrammingPAO
1-Sep-1995Campus Run '95PAO
16-Jul-1995SBM Summer Live-in ProgrammePAO
16-Aug-1995O'Camp '95PAO
6-May-1995Artist-in-residence ProgrammePAO
13-Sep-1995Official Welcome of New Students '95PAO
20-Feb-1995PHOTO CD SeminarPAO
12-May-1995Senior Staff Quarters and Graduate Residences' University Centre - Grand Braking CeremonyPAO
3-Apr-1995Photo Exhibition of Winner Works of Open Photo ContestPAO
4-Sep-1995First Day in '95 Fall SemesterPAO
4-May-1995May Forth ForumPAO
10-Aug-1995Registration of Freshman '95PAO
23-Dec-1995HKUST Photo Festival '95 - Salon SeminarPAO
27-Mar-1995Lab Demo and CountersPAO
8-May-1995Podium Dance Project by Dancing SocietyPAO
10-Aug-1995O'Camp Counters by Various SocietyPAO
18-May-1995Drama PerformancePAO
11-Feb-1995Photo Exhibition of Photo Contest '95PAO
11-Mar-1995Drama Performance by Drama Club at Culture CenterPAO
6-Mar-1995Opening Ceremony of Productfolio 95 by BSUPAO
1-Aug-1995Physics Summer live-in programmePAO
16-Jan-1995First Asian Computational Fluid Dynamics ConferencePAO
26-Feb-1995Joint Universities Athletic MeetPAO
1-May-1995SU EXCO Inauguration CeremonyPAO
10-Aug-1995Physical Fitness Assessment Programme by SAOPAO
25-Feb-1995Photo DayPAO
10-Dec-1995Music Power in Colleges Closing Ceremony ConcertPAO
18-Jul-1995Signing Ceremony for issurance of "BOC HKUST Affinity Card"PAO
2-Nov-1995Third CongregationPAO
7-Dec-1995Prof Klans Gersonde, Head, Frarnlwfer Institute for Biomedical EngineeringPAO
27-Feb-1995Drama PerformancePAO
28-Jan-1995Pathfinders New Year Luncheon by Career CentrePAO
20-Feb-1995HKUST Photo Festival '95 - Opening CeremonyPAO
21-Mar-1995Engineering Festival '95 - Mechanical Engineering DemoPAO
6-Oct-1995Drama Workshop by Alice LauPAO
17-Jun-1995Kite Flying ContestPAO
Results 1-43 of 43 (Search time: 0.004 seconds).
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