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18-Sep-1996Science Student Festival '96PAO
23-Feb-1996Drama Society PreviewPAO
19-Oct-1996Joint Universities Bio. SymposiumPAO
14-May-1996Mini-Soccer CompetitionPAO
24-May-1996Indian DancePAO
3-Feb-1996Cricketer Muttiah Muralitharan & Ravi Goonetilleke (IEEM)PAO
27-Mar-1996Baroque to Rock (Concert at Expo Hall)PAO
21-May-1996Children's Ballet ClassPAO
2-Apr-1996Fluid Mechanics CoursePAO
12-Feb-1996Photo Festival '96PAO
24-May-1996Wharton -- SBM UG Exchange Agreement Signing CeremonyPAO
25-Jun-1996Asia-Pacific Conference on Coastal Environment - Mai PoPAO
20-Aug-1996O'Camp '96PAO
6-Jun-1996Pathfinders Job Search - Orientation '96, keynote speaker Dr Glendon RowellPAO
1-Aug-1996RTHK - File U of Science TechnologyPAO
13-May-1996Softball TournamentPAO
1-Aug-19965th-yr Anniversary Exhibits - SBM's Copies about MBA Exchange Programme & International Conference & WorkshopPAO
11-May-1996Computer Music ConcertPAO
19-Jul-1996Site Visit to Harbour City Ocean Terminal LobbyPAO
20-Aug-1996Music Society O'Camp (Water Battle)PAO
29-Feb-1996Government Cantonese Course PresentationPAO
29-Nov-1996Trailwalker '96PAO
19-Oct-1996Soccer Game with DragonairPAO
9-Oct-1996Patent of BiochemistryPAO
1-Jun-1996Dragon Boat '96PAO
11-Apr-1996Tree-Planting Ceremony by University Court MembersPAO
3-May-1996Student Referendum on Provisional LegislativePAO
30-Aug-1996Official Welcome of New Students '96PAO
20-Aug-1996Physical Fitness Assessment '96PAO
27-Apr-1996Staff Cricket PracticePAO
4-Sep-1996"Technological Wake-Up Call" GenesisPAO
31-May-1996HKUST vs Bayer Research & Development Information Interchange & Football DaysPAO
23-Aug-1996Math O'CampPAO
25-Sep-1996University Choir PerformancePAO
5-Feb-1996Student Festival '96PAO
18-May-1996Pa Kua ClassPAO
8-Feb-1996Education and Career Expo '96PAO
23-Apr-1996Workshop (Zhang Hongtu)PAO
27-Mar-1996Stanford University Students Visit UST for Project PresentationsPAO
9-Feb-1996Student Festival (Tug of War)PAO
23-Apr-1996Campus Run '96PAO
18-May-1996Computer Music ConcertPAO
20-Mar-1996Baroque to Rock (Expo Hall)PAO
3-Jun-1996BME '96 ConferencePAO
2-Aug-1996MBA Exchange Students OrientationPAO
18-Sep-1996Teaching AwardsPAO
31-Jan-1996Opening of Intensive Cantonese CoursePAO
7-Jun-1996Contest & Award Presentation for Excellence in Technical CommunicationPAO
17-Jan-1996Inauguration Ceremony of the Centre for Display ResearchPAO
4-May-1996Baseball CompetitionPAO
Results 1-50 of 67 (Search time: 0.004 seconds).