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11-Jul-1996Summer Camps for F.6 Students at HKUSTPAO
14-May-1992Visiting Expert to Analyze Chinese Economic BehaviourPAO
2-Dec-1997The Future of China's Space Race Revealed at HKUSTPAO
1-Mar-1993Environmental Symposium Brings Satellite Remote Sensing Experts to Hong KongPAO
2-Feb-1998American Medalist of Science Explains Surreal NumbersPAO
10-Aug-1995HKUST Holds Conference on South China's Economic DevelopmentPAO
6-Jan-1995Modern Flexible Manufacturing Is the Goal of HKUST EngineersPAO
17-Feb-1998HKUST Research Promises Cheaper Treatment for Burns and UlcersPAO
9-Oct-1992HKUST Receives HK$800,000 from Dow Chemical Pacific Ltd.PAO
22-Jun-1994International Conference on Autonomy in Language LearningPAO
28-Mar-1996First Investment Management Degree Offered by HKUSTPAO
7-Mar-1995HKUST's Study of Advanced Materials at ForefrontPAO
27-May-1997HKUST Launches First Global Reef SurveyPAO
24-Nov-1998Hong Kong International Enterprise Fair - A Careers Fair with a French TouchPAO
5-Nov-1998First W3C Office in China Looks to Development of Chinese Web ApplicationsPAO
21-Dec-1995HKUST to Collaborate with UGC Institutions in Sharing Postgraduate CoursesPAO
15-Nov-1996Young Artists Reflect on Cultural ColonialismPAO
2-Mar-1994HKUST Appoints New Head of MarketingPAO
28-Jul-1995Mayor of Shanghai Visits HKUSTPAO
8-Aug-1991HKUST is on the MovePAO
18-Jun-1993Executive Development Programme for Hainan Senior Government OfficialsPAO
20-Oct-1995BBC Pronunciation Head Speaks at HKUSTPAO
27-May-1994HKUST Establishes University CourtPAO
9-Dec-1991HKUST Appoints Professor of Chinese Intellectual HistoryPAO
12-Jan-1995HKUST Engineers Detect Early Corrosion in Reinforcing SteelPAO
11-Nov-1998Sixth CongregationPAO
7-Oct-1998Breaking New Ground In LearningPAO
2-Jul-1998HKUST Hosts First World Congress on ErgonomicsPAO
7-Apr-1998HKUST Graduates Maintain Good Jobs RecordPAO
9-May-1996HKUST Graduates Succeed in Job MarketPAO
7-Mar-1996Chinese Financial Reforms Reviewed in New HandbookPAO
15-Jul-1996HKUST to Collaborate with Lee Kum Kee Group on Developing Traditional Chinese MedicinesPAO
21-Nov-1996Fourth CongregationPAO
2-Nov-1995Third CongregationPAO
5-Nov-1998HKUST Scholars Receive Croucher Senior Research FellowshipsPAO
22-Apr-1991HKUST Announces Mathematics AppointmentPAO
14-Mar-1996Report of the Task Force Investigating the 7 March Lab IncidentPAO
11-Sep-1998HKUST Joins Forces with Technical University BerlinPAO
17-Apr-1997New Chemical Society Formed In Hong KongPAO
28-Apr-1994HKUST to Host Computer Science Industry DayPAO
28-Dec-1996HKUST Biology Students Take Green Message to Local SchoolsPAO
20-Oct-1998New Industrial Consortium Looks to Advance Liquid Display TechnologyPAO
3-Jul-1995Scientists Discuss Nanostructured Materials at HKUSTPAO
19-Nov-1997Professor Explains New Advances in Polymer SciencePAO
8-Mar-1996Task Force Appointed by The Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyPAO
21-Nov-1994HKUST Engineering Experts to Head ASME Hong Kong ChapterPAO
12-May-1998Globalism and the Politics of PlacePAO
5-May-1992HKUST Receives HK$1.6 Million from Tektronix Inc.PAO
25-Jul-1994Chinese Business Practices to Be Discussed at HKUSTPAO
11-Nov-1993Prof M. Tseng to Lead Industrial Engineering at HKUSTPAO
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