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19-Nov-1998Certification Authority to be Established for Secure E-CommercePAO
3-Dec-1991HKUST Appoints Professor of LiteraturePAO
24-Jun-1997New Dual-Major Computer Science and Engineering Degree at HKUSTPAO
28-Feb-1995Exhibit of Major Chinese Artist Opens at HKUSTPAO
9-Jun-1995Press Release Relating Accident Investigation.PAO
21-Apr-1993The William Mong Semiconductor Clusters Laboratory Established at HKUSTPAO
15-Jul-1997Summer Camp Encourages Women to Choose EngineeringPAO
20-Jul-1995HKUST Scholars Study Stock Market VolatilityPAO
21-Jun-1996HKUST Hosts Coastal Environment ConferencePAO
28-Jun-1996HKUST-CAS Joint Laboratory Project Supported by ITDCPAO
23-Nov-1992Lecture to Describe Civil Engineering Role in Infrastructure DevelopmentPAO
31-Oct-1994The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology presents its Second CongregationPAO
29-Dec-1994HKUST Students Find Chinese Studies Valuable PreparationPAO
19-Jan-1995HKUST Holds Engineering Student Summer Camp for Form 6 StudentsPAO
29-Oct-1997New Program at HKUST Trains Building Services EngineersPAO
10-Feb-1995HKUST to Hold Workshop on Electronic PackagingPAO
10-Jul-1996HKUST Hosts Conference to Promote Management Science in ChinaPAO
28-Nov-1995HKUST Offers Certificate Course on Equity OptionsPAO
4-Jan-1993Symposium on Folk Documents and the South China StudiesPAO
30-Mar-1995Top Economist Paul Krugman To Talk at Citibank/HKUST Business ForumPAO
23-Nov-1995HKUST Biologists to Foster Neurological Research in ChinaPAO
11-Jul-1994HKUST Faculty Awarded $50.1 Million for ResearchPAO
24-May-1996HKUST Co-organizes IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing SystemsPAO
22-Sep-1994Symposium on Biotechnology to be Presented at HKUSTPAO
27-Feb-1996Automated Vehicle License Plate System Tested at HKUSTPAO
15-Sep-1997Popular Science Lecture on Gene Story of the 21st CenturyPAO
12-May-1993Professor Chia-wei Woo to Inaugurate the First Executive Committee of HKUST's Student UnionPAO
22-Mar-1996Administration/Academic Cost RatiosPAO
10-Apr-1997HKUST Appoints New Head of BiologyPAO
28-Apr-1994HKUST Funded Research Projects Increase By Fifty PercentPAO
20-Apr-1995Fact Finding Report of the Accident Investigation Task ForcePAO
1-Sep-1994Splendors of Brush and Ink at HKUSTPAO
23-May-1991Special Seminar on Postgraduate Studies at HKUSTPAO
1-Aug-1995Better Career Prospects for Physics Majors at HKUSTPAO
18-Aug-1994HKUST Holds International Conference on the Emergence of East AsiaPAO
7-Dec-1995HKUST Library Hosts Colloquium on Standards and PatentsPAO
21-Sep-1998HKUST Exhibits Yuyu Yang's Sculptures and PrintsPAO
20-Jan-1995Cancellation of News Conference at HKUSTPAO
15-Nov-1994Breakthrough on UV Laser Radiation Achieved at HKUSTPAO
17-Nov-1997New UG Minors Widen Students' HorizonsPAO
20-Feb-1995HKUST to Present Antonio Mak RetrospectivePAO
17-Oct-1995Renowned Russian Mathematician Speaks at HKUSTPAO
11-Aug-1998University Projects Promote Closer Links With Hong Kong SchoolsPAO
3-Jun-1996Biomedical Engineering Conference Comes to HKUSTPAO
9-Sep-1997Top Engineering Teachers Named at HKUSTPAO
31-May-1993HKUST Lecturer Selected for William W. Cooper Doctoral Dissertation AwardPAO
29-Jun-1993HKUST Offers Distinguished Public Lectures on AccountingPAO
4-Nov-1993The Institute for Environmental Studies Is Established at HKUSTPAO
27-Jul-1995Should the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Consider a Direct Entry Applicant who has Withdrawn from JUPAS?PAO
21-Jun-1995International Conference on Supply Chain Management to be Held at HKUSTPAO
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