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5-Aug-1999HKUST's New Testing Facility for International Energy Rating CertificateOUDPA
22-Oct-1991Popular Science Lecture to Explain Applied MathematicsPAO
10-Jan-1994HKUST organises Second Executive Development Programme for Hainan Senior Government OfficialsPAO
7-Nov-1995HKUST's Top Graduates Receive AwardsPAO
3-Mar-1995HKUST Names New Dean of EngineeringPAO
24-Feb-1995HKUST Faculty Talk at 5th Education & Career ExpoPAO
7-Jan-1994HKUST's SuperNet Services Well Received by the PublicPAO
15-Aug-1997HKUST's Industrial Engineers Foster Expertise On The Chinese MainlandPAO
23-Jul-1991Energy Conservation Lecture Opens SeriesPAO
23-Apr-1996Computer Music Concerts at HKUSTPAO
18-Mar-1993Professor Leroy L. Chang Awarded Ballantine MedalPAO
21-Jun-1994Boosting Agricultural Development of HainanPAO
19-Sep-1996HKUST's New Center Unravels the Web for Hong Kong's SoftwarePAO
15-Aug-1995Opportunities in Mathematics at HKUSTPAO
22-Dec-1992ICES '92 Presents 4 Awards to Outstanding ScholarsPAO
17-Mar-1998Nobel Prizewinning Physicist to Lecture in Hong KongPAO
13-Oct-1993The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Hosts Major Sculpture and Installation ExhibitionPAO
4-Nov-1999HKUST Holds Seventh CongregationOUDPA
19-Jun-1996Multimedia Experts to Meet at HKUSTPAO
18-May-1995Prominent Chinese Economist Speaks on China's Economic ReformPAO
19-Jan-1993HKUST Organises Polymer Processing CoursePAO
15-Feb-1994This is HKUST (1994 February)PAO
15-Jan-1998This is UST (1998)PAO
15-Jan-1995今天的科技大學 (一九九五年)PAO
15-Sep-1994This is HKUST (1994 September)PAO
3-Sep-1993International Symposium at HKUST Promotes Ecological Studies of Mangrove ForestsPAO
2-Apr-1996New Course Teaches Global Management SkillsPAO
13-Dec-1994Putonghua Teaching at HKUSTPAO
21-Apr-1998Noted Critic Leo Lee to Lecture on Eileen ChangPAO
3-Jun-1998Seminar to Promote Business PutonghuaPAO
10-Mar-1994The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Moot Court Scholarship ContestPAO
22-Oct-1993University Open DaysPAO
10-Oct-1991The Opening CeremonyPAO
15-Nov-1997IDU News, Vol. 2, No. 3ETC
15-Apr-1998IDU News, Vol. 3, No. 1ETC
15-Nov-1996IDU News, Vol. 1, No. 3ETC
15-Mar-1997IDU News, Vol. 2, No. 1ETC
15-Jul-1997IDU News, Vol. 2, No. 2ETC
15-Nov-1998IDU News, Vol. 3, No. 3ETC
15-Jul-1998IDU News, Vol. 3, No. 2ETC
15-Aug-1991HKUST Announces Physics AppointmentPAO
26-Apr-1995Alternative Realities Exhibit at HKUST Showcases Australian Artists Working with TechnologyPAO
28-May-1996Software Industry to Benefit from Cyberspace CentrePAO
7-Apr-1994World-renowned Marine Biologist Joins HKUSTPAO
10-Jul-1995F.6 Students Explore Business Studies at HKUST Summer CampPAO
18-Sep-1990HKUST Holds Exhibition at MTR StationsPAO
10-Sep-1998Awards for Top Science TeachersPAO
9-Aug-1990Environment '90 - Workshop on Environmental Science and TechnologyPAO
21-Nov-1995HKUST Holds High-Profile Forum on Telecom FuturePAO
26-Apr-1993Prof. Chang of HKUST Explains How the Lung WorksPAO
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