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28-Jan-2003Clippings from the Old Country: Paper-Cuts and Stencil Prints by Yu Ping and Ren PingOUDPA
23-Oct-2003Bookmark Me@UST Honor a Book, Support HKUSTOUDPA
4-Nov-2003Fok Ying Tung Foundation Supports HKUSTOUDPA
7-Nov-2003HKUST Holds 11th CongregationOUDPA
30-Apr-2003Calendar of Events for April 2003OUDPA
23-Oct-2003《書海留名》 建設科大OUDPA
7-Oct-2003五位傑出人士獲授榮譽博士學位-- 企業家查濟民、數學泰斗陳省身、工程學權威卓以和、一代通儒饒宗頤、諾奬得主繆勒OUDPA
7-Oct-2003Nobel Laureate, Eminent Scholars, Innovator and Entrepreneur to be Awarded Honorary Doctorates by HKUSTOUDPA
19-Jun-2003HKUST Staff Donate More Than $500,000 for Sars ReliefOUDPA
27-Mar-2003HKUST Researchers Made Croucher Senior Research FellowsOUDPA
20-Oct-2003「Kellogg 科大 EMBA」課程排名全球第九位OUDPA
19-Dec-2003$10 Million Donation to Establish Chair ProfessorshipsOUDPA
29-Aug-2003Notes From The Library, Issue No. 49LIB
7-Feb-2003Clippings from the Old Country: Paper-cuts and Stencil Prints by Yu Ping and Ren Ping, 7 February 2003 to 30 April 2003-
27-Jun-2003The Launch of Library Publication: China in European Maps - A Library Special Collection, HKUST Library, 27 June 2003-
23-Oct-2003Launch Ceremony of "Bookmark Me@UST" Program, HKUST Library, 23 October 2003-
15-Mar-2003HKUST Newsletter, Spring 2003OUDPA
31-Mar-2003Channel, Issue No. 38ITSC
31-Oct-2003Channel, Issue No. 39ITSC
15-Dec-2003Faculty Profiles 2002-03OUDPA
15-Mar-2003In Focus, Issue No. 4DENG
15-Sep-2003In Focus, Issue No. 5DENG
15-Sep-2003HKUST: A Vision For The Future = 香港科技大學: 未來的遠見OUDPA
14-Nov-2003白先勇, 李歐梵, 平路 ― 談寫作 (Forum with Writers on Writing: Conversation with Pai Hsien-yung, Ping Lu, and Leo Oufan Lee)DHSS; HUMA
1-Jan-2003Undergraduate Prospectus 2003-2004URAO
1-Jan-2003Handbook for Prospective Postgraduate Students 2003-2004PGSO
15-Dec-2003Research Report 2002-03OCGA
31-Jul-2003研究生課程及入學資料簡介 2004-05PGSO
15-Dec-2003Handbook for Research Postgraduate Students 2003-04PGSO
1-May-2003Wings = 振翅, 10.3SU
1-Dec-2003Wings = 振翅, 11.2SU
1-Sep-2003Wings = 振翅, 11.1SU
15-Nov-2003HKUST Genesis = 同創, Volume 14, Number 8OUDPA
15-Dec-2003Annual Report, 2002 - 2003OUDPA
15-Mar-2003CELT Newsletter, Spring 2003CELT
15-Sep-2003CELT Newsletter, Fall 2003CELT
1-Sep-2003The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Academic Calendar 2003-2004VPAAO
Results 151-197 of 197 (Search time: 0.031 seconds).