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30-Nov-2004New Research Center Advances China StudiesOUDPA
30-Nov-2004Calendar of Events for November 2004OUDPA
10-Oct-2003HKUST Joins China Hi-Tech Fair 2003OUDPA
17-May-2001Dr Bertram Shi Elected IEEE FellowOUDPA
28-Jun-2001HKUST Unveils Job Survey for Higher Degree GraduatesOUDPA
30-Sep-2004Calendar of Events for September 2004OUDPA
7-Sep-2004New Information Center Named in Honor of Local PhilanthropistOUDPA
19-Apr-2005Media Review, No. 13/2005OUDPA
5-Jan-2001Mainland Support for Smart Fluids ResearchOUDPA
8-Nov-2000Eighth CongregationOUDPA
7-Nov-2001Ninth CongregationOUDPA
15-Mar-2005Academic Affairs Newsletter, No. 1/05VPAAO
28-Nov-2003Arrow Scholarship for Top StudentsOUDPA
12-Feb-2001HKUST Students' Research Made Chip Olympics AgainOUDPA
31-Oct-2000HKUST Eighth CongregationOUDPA
22-Sep-2000HKUST StatementOUDPA
3-Mar-2004HKUST President Welcomes Support for Deep CollaborationOUDPA
31-Jul-2003Novel Devices to Control InfectionOUDPA
23-Sep-2002Nobel Laureate, Eminent Scholars and Market Reformer Awarded Honorary DoctoratesOUDPA
7-Dec-2000Environment Focus at HK-France Conference New Technologies for Air, Waste and WaterOUDPA
6-Nov-2002Tenth CongregationOUDPA
5-Nov-2003Eleventh CongregationOUDPA
14-Apr-2004Shun Hing 10M Donation to Support HKUST Nano ResearchOUDPA
24-Jan-2005HKUST Business School World Number 44 in MBAOUDPA
27-Apr-2000HKUST Biochemist Awarded HFSP Research GrantsOUDPA
19-May-2004University Bestows Honorary Fellowships on Paul Cheng & Christine LohOUDPA
6-May-2002John Chan Appointed HKUST Council ChairmanOUDPA
10-Oct-2000Top Science Teachers HonoredOUDPA
21-Jan-2005HKUST Named Global Leader in EngineeringOUDPA
9-Mar-2001T K Ng Honored as APS FellowOUDPA
15-Dec-2001Faculty Profiles 2000-2001OUDPA
12-Dec-2001HKUST Showcases Innovation in EducationOUDPA
14-Apr-2002HKUST Nurtures Gifted Students in MathematicsOUDPA
4-Jan-2000HKUST to Hold Computer Forensic Workshop for Public OfficersOUDPA
31-Jan-2005HKUST and USTB Strengthen TiesOUDPA
3-Nov-2000Prof Kang L. Wang as New Engineering DeanOUDPA
16-Jun-2001Farewell Dinner for President Chia-Wei WooOUDPA
31-Mar-2000HKUST Launches Statement on Mission, Vision, and ObjectivesOUDPA
15-Mar-2002This is HKUST (2002 March)OUDPA
15-Jan-2002科大近貌 (二零零二年一月)OUDPA
15-Aug-2001科大概覽 [二零零一年八月]OUDPA
15-Aug-2001科大近貌 (二零零一年八月)OUDPA
15-Jan-2003科大近貌 (二零零三年一月)OUDPA
15-Jan-2003This is HKUST (2003 January)OUDPA
15-Jan-2002This is HKUST (2002 January)OUDPA
15-Dec-2001This is HKUST (2001 December)OUDPA
15-Sep-2002科大概覽 [二零零二年九月(再版)]OUDPA
19-Jun-2004HKUST and Shenzhen Closer Cooperation to Promote Hi-TechOUDPA
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