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9-Oct-2017HKUST Corporate Booklet [As at Aug 2017, 20171009]PAO
17-Nov-2017香港科技大學舉行第二十五屆學位頒授典禮 頒授榮譽博士予四位傑出學者及社會領袖PAO
9-Oct-2017香港科技大學 [截至2017年9月] [簡体]PAO
9-Oct-2017The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology [As at Sep 2017]PAO
21-Nov-2017HKUST Sustainability Newsletter, 21 November 2017HSEO
28-Nov-2017香港科技大學聯同耶魯管理學院和巴黎HEC商學院 合辦雙碩士學位課程 培育環球商界領袖PAO
28-Nov-2017HKUST Partners with Yale SOM and HEC Paris To Launch Dual-Degree Master's Programs For Future Global Business LeadersPAO
15-Nov-2017IEMS Newsletter, Fall 2017IEMS
14-Dec-2017Thought Leadership Brief, November 2017, no. 20IEMS
12-Dec-2017Awards-winning HKUST Neuroscientist Discovers Mechanism of SchizophreniaPAO
14-Dec-2017香港科技大學與矌視科技簽署合作備忘錄 建立人工智能和計算機視覺聯合實驗室PAO
17-Oct-2017Biz@HKUST, Autumn 2017 (Issue 55)DBM
8-May-2017HKUST Underwater Robot Competition promotes STEAM education to youngsters from a wide spectrumPAO
15-May-2017Science Focus = 科言, Issue 010, 2017DSCI
15-Mar-2017IEMS Newsletter, Spring 2017IEMS
22-Sep-2017HKUST Sustainability Newsletter, 22 September 2017HSEO
14-Sep-2017科大BizInsight@HKUST論壇 探討華人家族企業未來發展PAO
14-Sep-2017BizInsight@HKUST Forum Examines the Future of Chinese Family BusinessesPAO
18-Sep-2017Thought Leadership Brief, August 2017, no.17IEMS
20-Sep-2017Channel, Fall 2017ITSC
15-Jun-2017Biz@HKUST, Summer 2017 (Issue 54)DBM
15-Jun-2017Biz@HKUST, 2017 夏季 (Issue 54)DBM
28-Apr-2017Biz@HKUST, 2017 春季 (Issue 53)DBM
1-Aug-2017RMBI Newsletter = 風險薈訊, Issue 13 (August 2017)IPO
17-Aug-2017HKUST Discovers New Technology to Capture Live Cell Images Opening New Possibilities to the Study of Cell BiologyPAO
2-Aug-2017HKUST and BGI Group Establish Joint Research Center on Biotechnological Science and EngineeringPAO
17-Aug-2017香港科技大學研發新型顯微鏡 可拍攝活細胞立體影像 開闢細胞生物學研究新時代PAO
22-Aug-2017科大推出首年住宿生活體驗計劃 促進新生適應大學生活 推廣共融文化PAO
22-Aug-2017HKUST Launches First-Year Experience @ Residence Program to Enhance Freshmen's Adaptation and Promote Culture of InclusivenessPAO
1-Sep-2017Notes From The Library, Issue No. 105LIB
31-Aug-2017President e-letter, 31 August 2017OP
5-Sep-2017HKUST Robotics Team Wins Nine Robotics Awards Including MATE ROV World ChampionPAO
10-Jul-2017香港科技大學舉辦第七屆100萬元創業計劃大賽 優勝隊伍以創意科技改變生活PAO
10-Jul-2017HKUST Holds the Seventh One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition Winners Improve Life with Innovative DesignPAO
18-Jul-2017Safetywise, July 2017HSEO
15-Jun-2017Thought Leadership Brief, June 2017, no.15IEMS
21-Jul-2017SENG News, Issue 16DENG
26-Jul-2017Handbook for Research Postgraduate Studies 2017-18PGSO
26-Jul-2017Handbook for Taught Postgraduate Studies 2017-18PGSO
27-Jul-2017香港科技大學研發嶄新智能水凝膠 有助開拓材料生物學和生物醫療的應用PAO
27-Jul-2017HKUST Develops New Stimuli Responsive Smart Hydrogels That Open Doors for Future Material Biology and Biomedical ApplicationsPAO
1-Sep-2017Postgraduate Prospectus 2018-19PGSO
15-Jul-2017Thought Leadership Brief, July 2017, no.16IEMS
5-Sep-2017科大機械人團隊橫掃九個機械人大賽獎項 包括國際水底機械人大賽全場總冠軍PAO
29-Sep-2017IAS Newsletter, September 2017IAS
15-Sep-2017Mathematical Excalibur, Volume 21, Number 2MATH
31-Aug-2017HKUST Facts and Figures 2016 (As at Sep 2017)PAO
Results 101-150 of 203 (Search time: 0.036 seconds).