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25-May-2017HKUST Develops Novel Air Purifcation Technology that Removes Deadly Airborne VirusesPAO
25-May-2017香港科技大學研發嶄新空氣淨化技術 可殺滅空氣中的致命病毒PAO
23-May-2017HKUST becomes founding member of the Asian Universities AlliancePAO
26-May-2017World Experts in Big Data and Artifcial Intelligence Gather at HKUST to Share Insights into FuturePAO
16-Oct-2017凱洛格 – 科大EMBA課程第八度獲全球排名第一PAO
16-Oct-2017Kellogg-HKUST EMBA Program Ranks World's No.1 for Eighth TimePAO
20-Dec-2017香港科技大學頒發傑出服務獎 表揚傑出非教學人員PAO
20-Dec-2017HKUST Honors Outstanding Non-academic Staff MembersPAO
20-Mar-2017The Synapse, a Multi-molecular Assembly beyond Super-resolutionIAS
16-Feb-2017Towards a Grand Unified Theory of Interfaces in Crystalline MaterialsIAS
23-Mar-2017Simple Rules: How to Thrive in a Complex WorldIAS
18-Jan-2017Theory and Simulation of Biomolecular Systems Surmounting the Challenge of Bridging the ScalesIAS
24-Jan-2017CEPC: Challenges and OpportunitiesIAS
9-Feb-2017Visual Marketing: What to See and How to be SeenIAS
28-Dec-2017科大獲劉華森博士慷慨解囊 支持中醫藥研究解決漁農業濫用抗生素問題PAO
28-Dec-2017HKUST Receives Donation from Dr Lau Wah Sum to Support Chinese Medicine Research to Overcome Abuse of Antibiotics on Fish and LivestockPAO
15-May-2017Off-Campus Connection, May 2017DST
15-Sep-2017IELM Newsletter, Issue No. 26IELM
2-Nov-2017SENG News, Issue 17DENG
1-Nov-2017Notes From The Library, Issue No. 106LIB
26-Oct-2017香港科技大學加入Partnership on AI 帶領探討因人工智能衍生的道德問題PAO
26-Oct-2017HKUST Joins Partnership on AI to Spearhead Ethical AI DevelopmentPAO
27-Oct-2017HKUST Holds Fourth Inauguration Ceremony of Named Professorships for Outstanding Faculty MembersPAO
15-May-2017IELM Newsletter, Issue No. 25IELM
12-Jun-2017HKUST Confers Honorary Fellowships on Three Distinguished IndividualsPAO
9-Jun-2017President e-letter, 9 June 2017OP
28-Apr-2017Biz@HKUST, Spring 2017 (Issue 53)DBM
3-May-2017HKUST Hackathon Received a Record-High ParticipationPAO
24-Mar-2017Development of a Low-Cost Underwater Acoustic Communication SystemDST
24-Mar-2017Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) by Smartphone AppDST
7-Nov-2017香港科技大學與斯科爾科沃管理學院合辦 歐亞高層管理人員工商管理碩士雙學位課程PAO
7-Nov-2017HKUST Partners with SKOLKOVO Business School to Launch Dual Degree Executive MBA Program for EurasiaPAO
15-Dec-2017The HKUST Career Guide 2018SAO
15-Dec-2017Annual Report, 2016 - 2017PAO
15-Dec-2017年報, 2016 - 2017PAO
12-Jan-2017How can Software Engineering Contribute to the Design and Operation of Smart Environments?IAS
20-Jan-2017Heterogeneous Photonic Integration on SiliconIAS
16-Feb-2017Predators-prey Model with Competition, the Emergence of Packs and TerritorialityIAS
10-Mar-2017Recent Advances in Geohazard Mitigation in ChinaIAS
20-Mar-2017Droplet Microfluidics for Single Cell StudiesIAS
21-Feb-2017Lighting the Earth with LEDsIAS
22-Sep-2017PG Newsletter, September 2017PGSO
15-Dec-2017Research@HKUST 2017VPRGO
7-Feb-2017PG Newsletter, February 2017PGSO
15-Oct-2017Science Focus = 科言, Issue 011, 2017DSCI
Results 151-200 of 203 (Search time: 0.018 seconds).