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11-Apr-2019A. Kwok運動空氣動力科研計劃科大、體院攜手助單車隊提升表現PAO
11-Apr-2019A. Kwok Sports Aerodynamics Science Initiative HKUST & HKSI Join Hands to Enhance Performance of Cycling TeamPAO
16-Apr-2019HKUST Receives HK$150 million Donation from Shaw Foundation And Celebrates Groundbreaking of Shaw AuditoriumPAO
17-Apr-2019凱洛格 – 科大EMBA榮膺QS排名全球之冠PAO
17-Apr-2019Kellogg-HKUST EMBA Ranks Top Spot in QS Global RankingsPAO
28-Apr-2019HKUST Physicist Contributes to New Record of Quantum Memory Efficiency Bringing Quantum Computers Closer to RealityPAO
20-Nov-2018A Glimpse of the World through the Voice of a BatIAS
25-Jul-2018Essential Concepts of Causal Inference: A Remarkable HistoryIAS
8-Feb-2018The Pricing of Tail Risk and the Equity Premium: Evidence from International Option MarketsIAS
24-Apr-2018How the Primate Brain Recognizes Human FacesIAS
3-Apr-2019AI-Personalized Medicine: Directing a Complex System to Desired FateIAS
4-Sep-2018Genomic Analysis of Neurodegenerative DisorderIAS
4-Jun-2018From Stone Age to Modern Nano-electronicsIAS
15-Jul-2019科大與中國銀行業協會、深圳大學及建行大學簽定合作備忘錄 率先為中國金融科技人才構建專業認證體系PAO
17-Jul-2019HKUST Researchers Co-Discover a Novel Function of an Enzyme Offering Insight Into the Pathology of Hereditary Spastic ParaplegiaPAO
15-Jul-2019HKUST Signs MoC with China Banking Association, Shenzhen University, and China Construction Bank University to Co-develop First FinTech Qualification Framework in ChinaPAO
29-Jul-2019HKUST-Sino One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition 2019 Breathes Life into Business IdeasPAO
29-Jul-2019香港科技大學—信和百萬獎金創業大賽2019 驅動創新創業意念PAO
24-Jul-2019HKUST Receives HK$5 Million Donation from Tin Ka Ping Foundation in Support of Research Development and Exchange of TalentsPAO
13-Sep-2018Channel, Fall 2018ITSC
16-Aug-2019Gift of 500M from LKSF to Set Up Hong Kong's First Institute of Synthetic Biology in HKUSTPAO
16-Aug-2019李嘉誠基金會捐資5億港元予香港科技大學 創香港首個「合成生物學研究院」PAO
29-Aug-2019HKUST-led Research Successfully Develops Rechargeable Liquid Fuels to Power Electric Vehicles and Electricity GridPAO
19-Aug-2019HKUST Launches Joint School MSc in Financial Technology ProgramPAO
17-Mar-2020HKUST Sustainability Newsletter, 17 March 2020HSEO
23-Mar-2020Indoor Guiding System for the Visually ImpairedDST
23-Mar-2020Assistive Exoskeleton for Workers and EldersDST
28-Apr-2020科大研究團隊首次解開「海洋穿山甲」基因密碼 為探索深海生物的潛力奠定重要基礎PAO
28-Apr-2020HKUST Researchers Unlock Genomic Secrets of Scaly-foot Snail Laying Foundation for Potential Solutions Provided by Deep-Sea CreaturesPAO
18-May-2020HKUST Co-led Study Suggests Universal Face Mask Wearing is Urgent Against Second Wave of COVID-19 Outbreak as Social Distancing LiftsPAO
15-Nov-2019IEMS Newsletter, Fall 2019IEMS
15-Apr-2020IEMS Newsletter, Spring 2020IEMS
18-May-2020科大共同領導研究:隨社交距離限制放寬 全民戴口罩防止第二波新冠肺炎疫情爆發具迫切性PAO
15-May-2020Science Focus = 科言, Issue 017, 2020DSCI
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