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14-Dec-2017HKUST Establishes Joint Lab on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision with Face++PAO
15-Feb-2017HKUST 5 Year Strategic Plan 2020PAO
9-Mar-2017HKUST Students Receives Donation to Solve Healthcare Problems in Indonesia and CambodiaPAO
9-Jan-2017科大獲金活醫藥集團捐贈 推動商學院學生交流及中醫藥研究發展PAO
9-Jan-2017HKUST Receives a Donation from Kingworld Medicines Group to Boost Exchange of Business Students and Research in Chinese MedicinePAO
24-Mar-2017法國 – 香港科技大學創新科技中樞園隆重開幕PAO
23-Mar-2017HKUST Researchers Create Solid Metamaterials with Fluid-like Property that Can Be Used for Wave Filtering and May Help Protect Buildings from EarthquakesPAO
15-Feb-2017HKUST Expert List 2017PAO
15-Mar-2017The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology [As at Dec 2016]PAO
15-Mar-2017香港科技大學 [截至2016年12月] [繁体]PAO
15-Mar-2017香港科技大學 [截至2016年12月] [簡体]PAO
15-Mar-2017HKUST Facts and Figures 2016 (As at Dec 2016)PAO
23-Mar-2017科大科研人員研發出具流體特質的固體超材料 可用於濾波或有助於防地震建築PAO
24-Mar-2017Inauguration of France-HKUST Innovation HubPAO
3-Mar-2017凱洛格 – 科大EMBA榮膺QS首屆排名全球之冠PAO
3-Mar-2017Kellogg-HKUST EMBA Tops Inaugural QS Global RankingsPAO
1-Mar-2017HKUST Wins Asia Pacifc Region Award for Remodeling Central Chiller Plant that saves millions of dollars and Over 20 percent of energy consumptionPAO
1-Mar-2017科大中央製冷系統優化計劃奪亞太區獎項 項目節省至少兩成耗電及百萬計成本PAO
2-Mar-2017HKUST Presents Long Service Awards 2017PAO
21-Feb-2017「科大25周年傑出人士講座系列」完滿結束 諾貝爾化學獎得主天野浩教授分享發光二極管LED技術的發展PAO
21-Feb-2017Nobel Laureate Professor Hiroshi Amano Speaks on the Development of LEDs at the Last Talk of HKUST 25th Anniversary Distinguished Speakers SeriesPAO
24-Jan-2017科大教授榮獲國家自然科學獎 重塑海洋生態系統 大大提升航運效率PAO
24-Jan-2017HKUST Professor Wins State Science Award for Discovery that Could Remap Marine Ecosystem and Boosts Effciency for Shipping IndustryPAO
1-Feb-2017HKUST MBA Ranks Among Top 15 Globally for 8th Consecutive YearPAO
16-Feb-2017香港科技大學賽馬會大樓開幕 推動全人教育及環保設施PAO
16-Feb-2017HKUST Jockey Club Hall Opens to Promote Holistic Education and EcofriendlinessPAO
16-Nov-2017香港科技大學畢業生就業能力躍升至全球第12位 繼續位列大中華院校之首PAO
16-Nov-2017HKUST Graduates Move Up to 12th Worldwide, Tops Greater China In Global Employability University Ranking 2017PAO
17-Nov-2017HKUST Holds 25th Congregation Conferring Honorary Doctorates on Four Distinguished Academics and Community LeadersPAO
16-Nov-2017Twenty-fifth CongregationPAO
27-Nov-2017HKUST EMBA Inaugurates its Open Classroom Lecture Series featuring Prof Ba Shusong on Renminbi Globalization and Renminbi-denominated Assets AllocationPAO
27-Nov-2017科大EMBA首場開放課堂 巴曙松教授談人民幣國際化和人民幣計價的資產配置PAO
9-Oct-2017HKUST Corporate Booklet [As at Aug 2017, 20171009]PAO
17-Nov-2017香港科技大學舉行第二十五屆學位頒授典禮 頒授榮譽博士予四位傑出學者及社會領袖PAO
9-Oct-2017香港科技大學 [截至2017年9月] [簡体]PAO
9-Oct-2017The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology [As at Sep 2017]PAO
28-Nov-2017香港科技大學聯同耶魯管理學院和巴黎HEC商學院 合辦雙碩士學位課程 培育環球商界領袖PAO
28-Nov-2017HKUST Partners with Yale SOM and HEC Paris To Launch Dual-Degree Master's Programs For Future Global Business LeadersPAO
12-Dec-2017Awards-winning HKUST Neuroscientist Discovers Mechanism of SchizophreniaPAO
14-Dec-2017香港科技大學與矌視科技簽署合作備忘錄 建立人工智能和計算機視覺聯合實驗室PAO
8-May-2017HKUST Underwater Robot Competition promotes STEAM education to youngsters from a wide spectrumPAO
14-Sep-2017科大BizInsight@HKUST論壇 探討華人家族企業未來發展PAO
14-Sep-2017BizInsight@HKUST Forum Examines the Future of Chinese Family BusinessesPAO
17-Aug-2017HKUST Discovers New Technology to Capture Live Cell Images Opening New Possibilities to the Study of Cell BiologyPAO
Results 1-50 of 86 (Search time: 0.005 seconds).